We are constantly working to improve your experience, here is a summary of what has changed.

V.1.1.3 – 01-05-2021

  • JSON input for WP Query parameters.
  • Filter Logic enhancement
  • Filtering out blank meta values from the filter’s options list
  • Fixed: Pressing Enter key in the FilterWP editor reloads the page.
  • The WooCommerce default card’s ‘add to cart’ button now adds to cart.
  • Fixed: Gutenberg error on FilterWP shortcode save.

V.1.1.2 – 29-04-2021

  • Ajax mode now fetches only the updated HTML
  • Removed plugin directory version postfix
  • ACF array fields support
  • Filter logic made abstract in the UI
  • Empty taxonomy terms hidden from the filter lists
  • Disabled scroll to top on Ajax update
  • Hover state fix for touch devices

V.1.1.1 – 25-04-2021

  • Custom cards duplication process
  • Hover state fix for touch devices

V.1.1.0 – 25-04-2021

  • UI modules were showing disabled
  • Mobile trigger center aligned

V.1.0 – 25-04-2021

  • Product Launch 🎉